Best Built On Express Solution: Pulse IT

Best Built On Express Solution: Pulse IT

Technology used:

IBM BladeCenter E series

Nine HS21XM blades

IBM DS3400 fibre SAN

IBM EXP3000 expansion shelf for SAN

A solution that allowed nationwide organisation Sir George Seymour College to ditch its traditional server system and provide support for 1000 users, earned Pulse IT the Best Built On Express award.

Managing director Ryan Balemi says the college was looking for a server solution that would support all of its staff and students, but could be changed to accommodate more users.

The solution can be scaled for up to 2000 people.

“A conventional server solution doesn’t suit an organisation that size. They don’t have the unique requirements that education has because they don’t have 400 staff logging on within 10 minutes.”

Pulse IT was able to consolidate 10 conventional servers into one BladeCenter.

“This gives a lower footprint and means the server can be maintained through one console. There is less power consumption as well,” he says.

He adds that the college’s IT requirements can now grow up to 10 times its current size, which was a key requirement as it is in acquisition mode. “They needed a turn-key solution that is easy for them to roll other businesses into.”

Redundancy is built in, so that if one component of the system fails, it will continue to function overall.

Implementation was quick, with Pulse IT able to fully install the solution in one weekend at Sir George Seymour College.

The college’s internal IT manager says he can support all 1000 staff and students in less than an hour each day.

“We’re certainly going to be marketing into that [education] space for this solution, because it hits those key points with massive amounts of log in and log off times,” Balemi says.

He adds that the college is delighted with the solution. “There isn’t a capacity concern anymore. We get asked for new features such as a development environment. They are so scalable, they don’t need to purchase any hardware for what they want to achieve. We can virtualise the server on the hardware they have already got or put another blade in.”

And he says getting recognition for the solution has internal and external benefits.

“It’s nice we can be awarded for a job that we’ve done well at and the customer was impressed with. It puts us in a good position when we’re hitting the education system with this offering. And when it’s backed by an award it’s in the solution’s’ favour.”

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