Information Management: CDP Group

Information Management: CDP Group

Technology used:

IBM Cognos 8 Data Manager

IBM Cognos 8 BI

IBM Cognos 8 Planning

CDP Group earned the Information Management award for its work implementing a data performance management system for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company TPF Group.

Before CDP partnered with TPF Group, its Burger King and Hell Pizza franchises relied on a data warehouse to provide management with insight into the business.

The generation of weekly reports into areas such as sales and inventory meant that data was old. Management were unable to make effective change in real-time or compare and contrast trading patterns by store and across the company.

TPF Group chose CDP to provide real-time decision making capability with IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence.

CDP Group national services manager Paul Gillespie says this was the first time the company had worked with a restaurant chain, which brought some challenges.

“A lot of the focus around the data warehouse process was identifying hourly trends, which was data they had never had before. They were very interested in how many people turned up to buy a burger at a particular time of day and often people aren’t really diving into that level of detail with management information.”

To get that level of information he says the project workers had to drag it off old point-of-sale systems.

“The [PoS] systems had a whole lot of data cleansing issues that came with it, so part of the design process was addressing things like how we were going to address missing data and speed of delivery. Our developer designed a system where, if data is missing, emails would flow out to people so they would go and update the information.”

He adds that the company would happily work with an FMCG company again.

“It’s a real nice one for us, because the whole solution paid for itself in a few months and ran to time and they were really happy with the result. With any IT project there is always bumps along the road, so it was nice to meet or exceed their expectations.”

Gillespie says prior to implementing the solution, TPF Group had to wait some time to work out if the new food product was performing. “Now they can release a product today and first thing tomorrow morning the figures are there of who is buying it.”

Business development manager Caroline Purre says entering the IBM Business Partner Awards is a good way to have people interested in its successes. “By being involved in this, we can promote CDP and people understand more what we do.”

Gillespie adds the award has a two-fold benefit. “It proves to IBM the quality we’re bringing in and also to potential new customers [that] these are guys who can come in and deliver a quality solution.”

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