Old economic rules no longer apply, again

Old economic rules no longer apply, again

You remember that truism about change being the only constant? Well, it applies to writing about technology as it does to everything else. Sometimes the only way to make sense of change is to be a dispassionate observer. At the moment, few of us have that luxury; change touches everyone.

I readily admit I don’t know much about the technology channel yet. I do know a bit about being an editor. For a start, I know what I don’t know. I realise that one of the most dangerous traps is trying to second-guess your readers. So I want to know what you think: about your industry, global technology trends but, most of all, what you think about Reseller News.

I cannot claim to have picked up any important trends at this early stage in the job, but I am seeing something I’ve previously only read and heard about. Now it’s starting to feel real. It’s a sense that existing rules don’t apply any more. To even cite those rules – let alone live by them – you run the risk of sounding like a dinosaur. It isn’t only a fashion thing. The markets and the way they work (and at times stop working) have changed shape. You can attribute that to globalisation, if you like, but perhaps there’s something even more fundamental to it.

The fact that there are forces outside of our control doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to understand them and resist those that threaten to confuse and overwhelm us. Jobs these days are often merely a means to an end and job security – the kind that was once virtually guaranteed for good workers – appears to have gone forever. But things change in unexpected ways, otherwise change wouldn’t be so hard to handle. And commitment may be coming back into style, thanks to adversity.

I admire persistence the same way I admire risk-taking because the kind of change I’m most suspicious of is change for change’s sake. There’s a real community out there and Reseller News hasn’t become what it is by accident. I want to know what you’d change about Reseller News if you could. Is there anything about the newspaper that annoys you, that’s hard to digest or editorial topics that you’d love to see us cover? Does reading this paper add anything to your life? Does it make your job easier?

I realise asking these questions is not always helpful and that readers don’t think about their reading matter in the way an editor or journalist does. You may not have been asked to articulate what you think about this paper before, but I still want to hear from you. We’ll soon be running an online reader survey, but there are other ways of making your voice heard as a reader. Listening is the way to start coping with change.

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