Quick Poll: are netbooks here to stay?

Quick Poll: are netbooks here to stay?

IDC’s recently-released third quarter PC market figures were accompanied by interesting commentary on netbooks, which it terms mini-notebooks. Although this subset of the notebook category is now firmly established among retail buyers, the analysts say the line between netbooks and other types of notebook will continue to blur.

So what is the future for netbooks? They have won the backing of business people needing a second notebook to take on the road, and among school and university students. But as other notebooks become more portable and less power-hungry, and as mobile devices proliferate and made more feature-packed, the netbook may be under threat.

Let us know what you think by voting at and you could win Microsoft’s Arc Mouse.

This poll won't close until 7 January 2009, so you have extra time to vote.

The previous Quick Poll asked voters which types of rewards are the most effective when it comes to boosting sales.

Thirty-five percent supported a combination of rewards, while a quarter of voters favoured a points-based rewards scheme. This was followed by 15 percent who wanted free or discounted training and equipment, and another 10 percent voted for lucrative commissions. Only five percent said luxury gifts were the best reward.

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