Quick Poll: Early optimism surrounds Windows 7

Quick Poll: Early optimism surrounds Windows 7

Despite some analysts’ concerns that Windows 7 won’t significantly change from its predecessor Vista, the majority of the local industry seems impressed by the beta of Microsoft’s new OS.

46 percent of respondents to the latest Quick Poll say the software giant’s latest effort would be a significant enhancement to the user experience, while 27 percent says enterprises would at least trial the OS.

However, some are still concerned Windows 7 represents a lack of progress, with eight percent saying changes will be superficial, and that performance gains over Vista will be minimal.

14 percent think Vista put businesses off using the Windows OS, while the remaining five percent say Windows 7 had a consumer focus.

What the readers say:

“Windows ME of the 2000s is what Vista resembles. MS will not want and cannot afford to have Windows 7 go the same way, or that will be the end of Microsoft as a force.” – Fraser Magee

“Windows will remain king for those vertical market programs but for a great many office workers and home users Ubuntu does everything needed and has far more modest hardware requirements.” - David Annett

“Vista didn't offer any compelling reason to drop XP, just negative ones. Windows 7 appears to be a window-dressed Vista, so why bother.” - Scott Walters

“Based on what I have read and seen so far Microsft has only really tarted up the interface of a Dog which still makes it a dog - a dog is still a dog no matter what clothes it is wearing.” – David Harris

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