Soft Solutions signs with Atempo

Soft Solutions signs with Atempo

Soft Solutions has continued its expansion by becoming the second local distributor for US-headquartered company Atempo.

Business development manager Paul Leslie says the company has three product sets: Time Navigator, live backup and digital archiving. “Time Navigator is a backup product that provides disk to disk backup functionality and provides for small incremental increases in the backup.”

Leslie says Soft Solutions has taken Atempo on because of the wide operating systems support on offer, ranging from Linux to Windows. “I saw Atempo as a good fit for the rest of our product range. The biggest driver for me was the digital archiving. I see that as something that needs to grow because people need to think about an archival process for their records. Just because you’ve got a lot of disc, doesn’t mean you should carry 10 years worth of data that’s stale on primary storage.”

Leslie adds there is an option for messaging with Atempo’s products. “I see that as a strong growth opportunity with the Public Records Act coming in to play.”

Atempo Australia business development manager Chris Taylor says Soft Solutions is going to be its partner for the general market.

"The main thing is their value add proposition. We're looking for partners with a storage background who understand that market."

Taylor says the deal will also increase Atempo's profile.

"We're well known in Europe and the US but less so in Australia and New Zealand."

The deal was signed in late January. “We see it as being a good fit for the New Zealand market, with a wide range of operating systems available, and we’re looking forward to taking it to market,” says Leslie, hinting that another distribution deal was in the pipeline.

Renaissance is the other distributor for Atempo.

Leslie says it has no plans to penetrate Renassiance's market. "They're very strong in the Mac area."

Soft Solutions has been expanding distribution in recent months. A deal was signed for US-headquartered AdventNet’s ManageEngine enterprise management and security range late last year.

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