Quick Poll: Is market consolidation good for business?

Quick Poll: Is market consolidation good for business?

In the Reseller News Quick Poll, we’re gauging reader reaction to the market consolidation brought about by recessionary times.

For some struggling firms, joining forces is a way to keep their offerings alive in the market. For buyers, it’s a chance to add new skills and extra resources to the business, and to diversify.

But as companies seek to retain jobs, a merger will often mean staff cuts. And with fewer firms in the market, consumer choice is reduced.

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In the previous poll, we sought readers’ opinions on the strategy of vendor concept stores. Apple has achieved global success with such outlets, and Microsoft has been considering them, however Samsung recently closed an Auckland store in favour of supporting its retailers.

The highest proportion of voters said concept stores brought vendors into conflict with their existing retailer and reseller channel (41 percent), while 29 percent said these stores strengthened the brand overall, benefitting other retailers of the product.

18 percent felt concept stores were too expensive to run during a recession, while the remaining 12 percent said the stores were the best way for a vendor to grow their brand.

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