Forty percent of Twitter updates are 'pointless babble'

Forty percent of Twitter updates are 'pointless babble'

Over 40 percent of Twitter updates are "pointless babble" says a new report that studied 2000 tweets over a period of two weeks.

Twitter recently redesigned its homepage - shifting from "What are you doing now?" to "Share and discover what's happening right now, anywhere in the world, indicating an attempt to become a real time news source.

Pear Analytics captured 200 English-language US tweets each half-hour from 11am - 5pm CST (6am -12pm GMT) daily.

It then categorised tweets into six different types: news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversation, and pass-along value.

Mashable reports that the winner was "pointless babble" tweets - with 40.55 percent fitting into the "I'm eating a sandwich now" category. Conversational tweets came in a close second with 37.55 percent. Pass-along value - retweets or RTs - were in third-place with only 8.7 percent. Spam accounted for just 3.75 percent of all tweets studied.

Other key results of the study included:

  • News tweets are heaviest at 2:00pm CST (9pm GMT) on Tuesdays
  • Pass-along value tweets are most frequently seen at 11:30am CST (7.30am GMT) on Mondays
  • Spam tweets flow consistently all day, everyday
  • Conversational tweets are heaviest on Tuesdays

Pear will be conducting this same study every quarter to identify other trends in usage.

Read the full whitepaper here.

According to these are Twitter's demographics as of June 2009:

  • Twitter reaches 27 million people per month in the US
  • 55 percent are female
  • 43 percent are between 18 and 34
  • 78 percent Caucasian, but African American users are 35 percent above internet
  • average
  • Average household income is between US$30 and $60k
  • One percent of the addicts contribute 35 percent of the visits
  • 72 percent are passers by, while only 27 percent are regular users

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