Best Co-Marketing: CDP Group

Best Co-Marketing: CDP Group

Key Benefits for CDP Group:

• Significant sales generated from organisations that attended the Information Management Symposium

• Identified and presented to more than 120 senior individuals from organisations seriously considering CDP products and services

• Reinforced strong brand awareness for CDP, Cognos, InfoSphere and other IBM Information Management solutions

At a Glance:

• Planned and produced the ‘CDP Information Management Symposium 2009 in Auckland (SkyCity) and Wellington (Te Papa)

• Six rolling presentations over a two-hour period

• Focus on integrated IBM Information Management solutions

• Captured valuable feedback, uncovered numerous qualified sales leads

• Planning underway for CDP Information Management Symposium 2010

“CDP delivered in communicating to the market the benefits of an integrated IBM Information Management solution. CDP’s campaign was a great example of a 360 degree marketing campaign that showed good evidence of planning. The campaign was well executed and resulted in a strong return on investment, which allowed CDP to further build its reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading Information Management specialists.” - Raymond Skoglund, IBM New Zealand channels manager.

Mid-market and enterprise solutions have a long sales cycle and require a careful marketing plan. Typically, a business partner has to prove that the technology in question offers a quantifiable return on investment and solves a real business challenge; then it has to show the prospect that its particular brand is the ‘best-of-breed’ or offers the most cost-effective solution; and then it has to demonstrate that it is the most qualified business partner to successfully complete the implementation. CDP accomplished all of these tasks with the well-planned, well-executed and extremely worthwhile CDP Information Management Symposium 2009.

“We closed three major sales – worth more than $840,000 - as a direct result of the Symposium,” says Craig Catley, director of CDP. “In addition, we reinforced our brand – as well as the IBM brand – to our key markets, made valuable personal contacts with top prospects and laid the groundwork for many – we hope – potential sales in the future. It was not an easy call to spend $65,000 on two afternoons of presentations, especially in this tough economy, but, in retrospect, it was a very wise decision.”

CDP made all the right moves. It targeted C-Level executives from their own databases and from commercial lists. It advertised heavily, employed direct mail and email campaigns and made personal phone calls. And it designed a fast-paced, content-rich line-up of speakers and presentations designed to inform without being tedious. “We knew it needed to be innovative, informative and invigorating for our audience,” says Catley, “in order to gain a reputation for exciting events and to attract larger audiences in coming years.

“We focussed on what you could do with the technology rather than the technology itself,” says Catley. “We found that people were aware of the trends and products, but many hadn’t seen exactly what they could achieve. We made the feedback process ludicrously simple – drop the name badge in an envelope and check a few boxes on the back – so we were able to get valuable advice on what worked, what didn’t and what people wanted to see next year.”

The Symposium is a long-term investment. “Enterprises need to be looking at budgets before they can think about implementing the technology,” concludes Catley, “so this type of symposium is invaluable for their planning. Hopefully we planted some seeds at the first Symposium and look forward to an equally successful Symposium next year.”

Best Co-Marketing Highly commended: Maclean Computing and Realtech

Maclean Computing and Realtech developed a case study, promoted to Auckland and Wellington CEOs and CFOs, based on an SAP project with local design company Framecad. The campaign also included personalised direct marketing and resulted in a significant sales pipeline and leads.

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