Jabra headsets ensure full wireless connectivity

Jabra headsets ensure full wireless connectivity

GN Netcomm began making headsets in 1987, so its Jabra products are an established and familiar brand.

Two recent local releases – the Jabra Go 6400 Series and the Pro 9400 wireless headset and base unit combinations are solid offerings that work well and do what they say they will. From among the new Jabra offerings, Reseller News reviewed Go 6470.

This is an offering that will appeal to a wider audience than just those panicking because they don’t have a law-abiding handsfree option for their car. The compelling proposition of the Go 6470 is the ability to connect to your office desk phone, a soft phone or a cellphone (with DECT, USB and Bluetooth connectivity). Equally as important, the 2.4 inch capacitive touch screen that flips up from the base unit allows management of calls and settings on each of these phones, and to switch between devices.

Users get an in-ear, hook-style earpiece for use with cellphones, and a receptionist-style headset for use in the office.

The vendor is targeting mobile workers with the Go 6400 series and it can be used by companies with traditional or IP-based telephony systems. In fact, Jabra has made the systems compatible with Microsoft’s Office Communicator and Cisco IP Communicator, so that setup is simplified.

The mains-powered base unit has a magnetic charging cradle to power up the two headsets.

The difference between the Go 6470 and the Pro 9400 is the former works within standard Bluetooth range (generally about 10 metres), while the Pro 9400’s range is up to 137 metres. Each headset incorporates dual microphones designed to reduce noise and cancel sound spikes.

It was easy to set up the Go 6470. Once powered on, the touchscreen displays a setup wizard to set the language you want to use, and then to connect any of the three types of phones.

Softphone connection is done via the supplied mini USB cable, with drivers and the Jabra PC Suite included on the CD supplied. Mobile phones are paired with the earpiece via Bluetooth.

Users then adjust other settings such as screen brightness and call volume. The touchscreen then displays which phone is in use, incoming calls, along with the battery level of the headset. To activate the audio link and make a call, or to answer an incoming call, users simply touch the receiver icon at the bottom of the screen. The same icon can be tapped to end a call, but this can also be done by using the multifunction button at the back of the headset or by putting the headset back in its cradle.

The headset also has a touch panel on the side to adjust volume by sliding your finger up or down. A double tap will mute the microphone.

In addition, the touchscreen supports caller ID. The base unit is only about 15cm long, so won’t take up too much desk space.

Headset sound quality was at its clearest when used in an office setting, but was also fine when using the hook earpiece with a mobile phone while driving.

The Go 6470 costs $743 locally.

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