IDC releases 2010 Asia Pacific predictions

IDC releases 2010 Asia Pacific predictions

More robust versions of available technologies such as cloud computing and the evolving data centre feature strongly in IDC’s latest predictions report.

Its Asia Pacific predictions are

1.The maturing of cloud

“The combination of a robust business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities will be the new killer application in cloud services. In 2010, large organisations that are ready to make the leap to cloud services will do so demanding the same service level agreements with BCDR capabilities.”

2.Business analytics for better business

“IDC expects business analytics to emerge as a key technology area to help CIOs manage cost, comply with regulations and, most importantly, grow the business as information is treated as a strategic asset within the organisation. More advanced and sophisticated forms of analytics solutions, are actively being implemented by organisations in the region.”

3.The inevitable adoption of social media in enterprises

“2010 will be the year social media hits "critical mass" in terms of acceptance and adoption. IDC believes that this convergence of economic necessity, mature enabling technology such as business analytics tools, and increasing market awareness will mean that 2010 will be the year where social media truly gains traction and establishes itself as a natural and accepted tool for Asia companies, CIOs, and CMOs.”

4. The evolving data centre

“Converged fabric solutions significantly address some of the IT sprawl and the resulting large amount of expenditure on maintenance. Prevailing economic conditions have fuelled the hunger to pare cost in datacenter management, and maintenance will be one of the most powerful motivators for the demand of converged fabric.”

5.Evolution of SaaS to KaaS

“The increasing maturity and acceptance of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings will combine with decreasing profit margins in the business process outsourcing (BPO) market and will add another layer to the cloud services stack. Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), extends the SaaS delivery model by its addition of intellectual property (IP) related to a particular horizontal process or industry to the standard SaaS offering.”

6.Smartphones on the rise in emerging economies

“The key driver of smartphones in the emerging markets of India and China is the increasing sophistication of mobile users. Shipments of converged devices in China are expected to grow from 7.5 percent of all shipments in 2008 to 13.5 percent in 2010. For the mobile industry, this represents a enormous prospect and a growing one.”

7.The dawn of the enterprise appliance

“2009 saw a number of product launches that started to change the way vendors were thinking about hardware stacks and the solution offerings. This trend looks set to continue in 2010 and it is only a matter of time before hardware vendors emulate this proposition for dedicated, preconfigured hardware and storage for specific applications and workloads - the dawn of the enterprise appliance.”

8. Revisiting chargeback

“The ability to effectively provide chargeback functionality already exists at many levels: desktop, storage, and certain applications. IDC believes the full implementation of Chargeback 3.0 is some years away, as there are still levels of technical complexity that need to be addressed within certain IT platforms. In addition, this is a highly politically charged area with ownership and accountability transitioning through. However, once the full benefits of Chargeback 3.0 are understood by the business owners, these will likely be minimised, and vendors and IT management should have a road map.”

9. Intelligence X: Building a more measurable world

“IDC believes that 2010 will be a year of multiple "Intelligent" initiatives and tenders in Asia, as major governments and cities try to beat each other to the goal of securing foreign investment and foreign technology participation in this region. In these "Intelligent" initiatives, a new business model is emerging as a "Holy Trinity" consisting of government, ICT vendors, and citizens; all three working in sync is required to make inroads in emerging countries.”

10. Machine to machine: The evolution of device grids

“With over 600 million fixed-line subscribers in APEJ and over 1.6 billion mobile subscribers in APEJ, the addressable opportunity for Machine to Machine (M2M) will be roughly 10:1 or over 20 billion M2M devices connected to the public and operator networks in the region by 2020. The emergence of M2M will lead to new wholesale and retail business models that will focus specifically on providing the latency and quality of service needed for commercial M2M applications such as surveillance, smart electric grid, emergency services and environmental sensors.”

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