Hands on with Windows Phone 7 at Tech Ed 2010

Hands on with Windows Phone 7 at Tech Ed 2010

Windows Phone 7, the saviour of Microsoft’s mobile device business is said to launch soon, potentially as early as October. While there has been plenty of information about Windows Phone 7 on the web and Microsoft has lent developers devices, New Zealand media hasn’t been let near any handsets. As expected, there are Windows Phone 7 devices at Microsoft’s giant geek fest, Tech.Ed 2010. However, at first, it looked like nobody would be allowed to even touch the Windows Phone 7 devices, let alone take photographs of them at Microsoft’s Luckily, the Tech.Ed 2010 mobile geeks’ excitement couldn’t be suppressed, and it didn’t take long before a Computerworld correspondent held not one but two Windows Phone 7 devices. No, these weren’t found in a Sky City bar and yes, they were handed back after a bit of touchy-feely and a features run-down. The two phones were from Samsung and LG respectively, and looked OK if unspectacular in terms of design. It was stressed to us that neither developer device is representative of any final version. In fact, one person said “don’t look at the phone itself; it’s crap” to drive that point home. It’s entirely possible that the launch handsets will look and feel much better – Microsoft’s rumoured to have hired the services of well-known designers, in the hope of giving Apple’s Jon Ive a run for his iPhone money. Microsoft executives on ground at Tech.Ed 2010 looked like they wanted to reply something else to the designers question than “we do not comment on speculation” but didn’t, unfortunately. Unlike Windows Mobile and PocketPCs, Microsoft has been very strict with the minimum specifications and design requirements for Windows Phone 7. Neither the phone manufacturers nor the carriers will have much to say here, a clear nod to how Apple set the scene for the iPhone success.

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