In a galaxy far away

In a galaxy far away

Many of you will know my penchant for jokes, especially those of a technological persuasion. So, I enjoyed one my son came out with the other day: “What phone company do Jedi knights use?” he asked.

Hmmm … well … I don’t know …


Ha, ha. Love it.

Of course, we naturally progressed onto the subject of Star Wars. I’m can’t quite remember how we got there but he didn’t believe me when I said some ‘real’ people have the name Skywalker. After all, people have some surprising monikers. There is a Dr Fever at our local clinic, and the French teacher at school is Miss Paris. No, really, there is. You couldn’t make it up.

Anyhow, Skywalkers. It would probably be pretty cool for all of five minutes before the questions, the smirks, the light sabre noises, and the humming of the movie theme tune. Were there any? Only one way to find out - Google it. Actually, that didn’t work. Too much Luke, Leia and Anakin to wade through. No Skywalkers on LinkedIn. Or Facebook.

How about good old fashioned online telephone books? We tried the New Zealand White Pages. Nope. If there are any here, they’re not in the book (although, come to think of it, nor am I). The UK White Pages was a little ambiguous. Nothing on the regular list but there’s some sort of secret squirrel bit that costs and that looked to have a Skywalker or two. Unfortunately, nowhere near proof enough for a six-year-old boy.

Next was the US version, and we hit the jackpot. Scores of Skywalkers. Sadly, a few Anakins and a couple of Lukes, but also a Barry, Dan, Daniel, Drew, Kathy, Laurie, Matthew, James. Loads of them. (By the way, we also found an L Skywalker residing across the ditch in Victoria.)

My look of smug satisfaction at being right was wasted on the little guy.

“What about Obi Wan Kenobis?’ he enquired immediately. Surely not.

Well, not in New Zealand , Australia or the UK. But we counted no fewer than six O or Obi or Obi Wan Kenobis, and two Ben Kenobis stateside. I don’t know about you, but I do find that a little bit sad.

Yodas, Solos and Vaders are commonplace. It is almost like we’re in a galaxy far, far away. There is even a Chewbacca. Chris Chewbacca, to be exact, a night manager at Osco Drug in Davenport, Iowa.

Could you really keep a straight face if someone introduced themselves as Chewbacca?

My little guy seemed pretty unfazed by the whole idea of having a name like that. He would probably try to track the guy down should we ever find ourselves in the Hawkeye State and looking for an aspirin.

However, when I added that Han Solo was played by someone with the name Ford, he was having none of it!

I guess when you’re six being named after a car brand is nowhere near as cool as being named after a seven-foot tall Wookie.

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