The 2010 IBM Business Partner Award Winner: New Intelligence

The 2010 IBM Business Partner Award Winner: New Intelligence

Key business benefits for Advanced Metering Services

AMS relies on a combination of InfoSphere DataStage/Cognos 8 for significant portion of its business and it is an absolutely essential resource; Provides engine to collect data from more than 200,000 ‘smart meters’, process and load the data into pre-configured ‘cubes’ and power AMS’ strategic goal of creating markets for this data; The ROI increases as more meters are installed; the solution is much more cost-effective as it processes more data from more meters; Advance analytics gives AMS a competitive edge to compete with other smart meter companies.

Technology used:

IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.0.1

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 8.4

IBM Blade servers

This project embodies the promise of business intelligence, not just solving problems but empowering Advanced Metering Services to leverage information resources to develop new revenue streams. BI has helped AMS maintain a competitive advantage and bring products to market faster and more efficiently. One of the first implementations of its type in the world, this project illustrates the benefits that new intelligence can deliver if done with expertise and professionalism. --Raymond Skoglund, channel manager IBM New Zealand

Established jointly in 2007 by Siemens NZ and Vector, Advanced Metering Services (AMS) provides advanced metering services for customers here and in Australia. Its core business is providing ‘smart meters’ for electricity consumers and retailers. In addition, it is in the process of capturing, aggregating, analysing, packaging and on-selling the raw data that the smart meters provide. CDP has been instrumental in specifying, implementing and developing AMS’ InfoSphere DataStage/Cognos solution to drive these initiatives.

This project is a long-term proposition. The solution was installed at the beginning of the initiative and AMS is realising significant benefits as the project progresses. Last year there were some 100,000 smart meters installed locally and this year it is expected to rose to 200,000, with an predicted installed base of at least one million smart meters by 2015. A key advantage of the IBM solution is the software has virtually unlimited flexibility and scalability so that, regardless of the number of smart meters and the complexity of the business rules anticipated, the solution is capable of supporting AMS.

CDP, acting as a trusted partner, has been instrumental in all aspects of the project. It has taken functional requirements as outlined by AMS and turned those requirements into easily accessible code that could be built into the solution. CDP has been able to support AMS with a flexible work force of contract/permanent staff that can scale up or down depending on their particular requirements at any given time. The ongoing nature of the project means that there are variable requirements on AMS’ part and CDP has been able to work within these constraints to deliver a dynamic solution.

The solution has provided AMS with an automated system to capture power usage statistics on a daily basis, with the goal is to reduce this to 30-minute intervals, so energy retailers can query and drill through the data to look at underlying metrics. In addition, the solution provides information on data discrepancies between the various sources, such as the retailer, core metering data and AMS. The solution enables AMS to raise issues on synchronisation with the retailer or its operational system. This has streamlined the whole process, ensuring that AMS can raise issues on the day they occur and reduce customer and retailer interactions.

The first implementation of its type and complexity in the world,

The AMS/CDP smart metering initiative will provide the foundation for AMS’ competitive edge and provide a basis for continued growth and expansion in its particular markets for the foreseeable future.

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