Maclean passes the parcel

Maclean passes the parcel

Deal with Belton IT a 'win-win' says the MD

Maclean Computing is passing on its smaller customers to Belton IT in a move that both companies say is a positive step forward. Belton will be taking care of about 40 SMBs that are Maclean clients. CEO of Maclean Computing, Chris Maclean says it was time to move towards a laser-like focus on where the company wanted to go even though it involves losing customers in tough times.

“We did some great strategy work a year or so ago, and an important part of the outcome was a realisation that in order to meet or maintain our stated objective of being ‘unquestionably the best provider of IT Infrastructure services to the mid-market’ we would need to employ laser-like focus, and first be very clear about what we do and for whom; then implement those decisions accordingly.”

CEO of Belton IT, Jason Agnew says there is more to the deal than meets the eye. “This deal is not only about expanding our client base, but also about building a new partnership with one of the founding companies in our industry.”

He says the deal will put Belton in a better position to service the new clients and yet retain the same core infrastructure they valued before the move. “Through our expertise and dedicated support, clients making the transition will benefit largely from our dedicated approach and support model, catering specifically to small business clients. This deal builds on the roadmap of Belton IT Nexus to further grow its MSP business and add to the already impressive portfolio of clients who rely on Belton for their company’s IT needs.”

Chris Maclean says the deal is a win win situation and the financial details are confidential. “Belton and Maclean have elected to keep the details of the commercial arrangements confidential, but we found an arrangement we are both very happy with, and that this is a strategic rather than a tactical move for us both.”

Maclean says this is the second part of a two-part process, with the first being to pass procurement to Acquire. “The first phase of this strategy implementation was our decision to partner with Acquire for product procurement. Whilst clearly an important part of any relationship with customers, we don’t believe that procurement is a core part of our value proposition. We also believe that procurement (the transaction itself as opposed to the design) has been largely commoditised, which means the primary decision factor becomes price rather than the transaction service.

“We are a service rather than a price-led company, so it made sense to partner with someone who excels at providing procurement services in a convenient manner at a market-leading price point. In Acquire I think we got better than that – an excellent transactional service and an excellent price. We’ve been delighted with the results of this initiative and are now ready to move to phase two of this strategy.”

Maclean says it is important for them to do what they are best at and to concentrate entirely on that. “The second phase of our long-term strategy is to only partner with customers that are an excellent fit. This might be determined by size, spend profile, attitude towards IT, location, etc. We can’t be excellent at serving everyone, so we worked out who we truly believed we could be excellent at serving, and who would be a great contributor to our business, and we’re now working through a process of migrating those that don’t fit that profile to a home we believe will be mutually better.”

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