Aviarc on the hunt for partners

Aviarc on the hunt for partners

Kiwi rapid app development vendor claims reseller opportunity is 'immense'

Fast-growing collaborative app development company Aviarc Global is looking for partners to help manage its further expansion in New Zealand and overseas.

The eight-year-old company—headquartered in Wellington with offices in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Melbourne—has set up shop in Mountain View near San Francisco, and in Houston, Texas.

Through joint ventures, the company is also building a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

John Boon, head of markets, says Aviarc’s principal product, DrawingBoard, “socialises” the process of enterprise app development.

“What that means is that we approach the whole question of software development entirely wearing the client’s shoes,” he says. “We look back at the process and we look at the experience that clients want, that users want, out of a computer app.”

Boon says the use of the word ‘app’ rather than ‘application’ is deliberate.

“We live in a world of personalised productivity," says Boon. "We pick the app we want, we pick the experience we want. Why can’t we have that exact same experience in the enterprise? Why are all the enterprise applications just not quite so friendly, not so good to touch, use or feel, or to experience?”

Boon says Aviarc has taken that philosophy to the heart of its DrawingBoard tool, which allows people in a business to collaborate in app development by contributing “elements” and pinning them on to what is effectively a drawing board. The elements can be anything from a website, video, scribbled note or diagram, to an entire social media converastion or email thread, which the businsess can use to discover what its wants to achieve from an app.

“If you socialise this process you come to a common idea, and that in itself is a process that is valuable to the client,” says Boon. “But while you are doing that, what Aviarc is doing is that is writing an app that changes every time you change something on the drawing board. That’s the beginning of the design of the software logic for an app.”

Boon says that Aviarc is designed to tap into existing computing infrastructure such as databases or CRM systems, but he admits some manual intervention is usually required at the end of the design process.

“You get some software guys to plug in some HTML5 to take care of the detailed bits,” he says.

Boon says the young company's evolving partner ecosystem currently falls into three main groups.

One is consulting firms which are using Aviarc as an “ideation tool” for their clients.

“They are finding that once they have an unambiguous understanding of what you need to solve the software problem, then you have solved the business problem,” says Boon.

Other groups include business process management specialists, and ISVs, including one in Malaysia that that recently won a government web project.

Boon says the an advantage Aviarc provides for any partner is “they can fix the term of a project and its cost with a great deal of confidence.”

He claims that the reseller opportunities offered by Aviarc are “immense”.

“We sell the software licences or we rent them or run them on the cloud, but that is just a tiny part of the equation because the value is in the service proposition. This is where we look to partners to help us scale or to meet the market.”

Aviarc’s current partners include Equinox IT, Fujitsu and Amazon. Another significant one is IBM, which invited Aviarc to take a stand at its recent Impact conference held in Las Vegas.

“They’ve really taken us under their wing. It’s been a magic few days for us,” Boon said during the event.

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