Would you bypass IT to access the cloud?

Would you bypass IT to access the cloud?

Survey shows some ANZ companies willing to bypass IT rules to access cloud applications

A survey says many Australian and New Zealand executives would be prepared to use unapproved cloud services, with nearly one out of six people surveyed saying they would skirt their own company IT rules to access cloud apps.

The survey by research firm IDC in Australia asked executives and remote staff; 400 in Australia and 200 in New Zealand, if they agreed with the statement: “I am willing to ignore the IT department and access applications in the cloud.”

Eighty-three percent said they would not bypass the IT department but 17 percent agreed with that statement in some way.

IDC says the report introduces its Next Generation Workspace Ecosystem. A press release from IDC says it “investigates the views, expectations and intentions of both CIOs and enterprise employees on the use of ICT in the workplace.”

IDC research manager Trevor Clarke says the survey (available at shows that ANZ CIOs and IT decision makers are “willing to adopt public cloud services in the next three years, but it is not the main driver in current workspace strategies, and over 15 percent see a threat from the use of non-approved public cloud services.”

He says there was little difference in the results between small and large organisations but varied with the age of respondents.

“It was notable that 31 to 35 year olds and 41 to 45 years olds showed most willingness to ignore any IT policies around the usage of public cloud services. These results show that CIOs and IT decision makers need to quickly win over key stakeholders, such as executives, to ensure they retain relevance and influence on the kind of technologies that are used in their organisation,” Clarke says.

The survey revealed that: 42 percent ‘strongly disagreed’ with the cloud question, 20 percent ‘disagreed’, 21 percent ‘marginally disagreed’, while 9 percent ‘marginally agreed,’ 4 percent ‘agreed’ and 4 percent ‘strongly agreed’.

IDC did not ask which cloud applications people might like to access, but possibilities like social networking sites such as Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which are frequently blocked by company IT policy, could be included in the person’s definition of cloud services.

Mark Collins, CEO of New Zealand Mortgages says, “Given my role, if I wanted to access the cloud then I would have to be convinced that there is a good reason why we shouldn't. I would look to augment the technology rather than go against it.”

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