Not all about the storage

Not all about the storage

Symantec finds companies store a lot of data but do very little with it

Results from a recently released survey by Symantec of companies in the ANZ region show that local organisations are storing massive amounts of data but not using the information to its full potential.

The 2012 edition of Symantec’s “State of Information” report shows that information is costly for businesses of all sizes, with enterprises in region spending an average of $38 million on it and SMBs spending $332,000. Per-employee spending on information is higher for SMBs ($3,670) than for enterprises ($3,297).

Moreover, the survey results show that information is one of the most valuable assets for businesses in the region. Based on the responses from 200 IT professionals in Australia and New  Zealand, an estimated 45 percent of the worth of organisations is derived from the information they own. In spite of that importance, companies are not doing enough to protect their data, says Symantec. In the past 12 months, the survey shows that 61 percent of companies lost important business information and 74 percent exposed confidential information. On top of that, as much as 43 percent of data held by ANZ companies is duplicated, revealing low storage utilisation rates.

According to Symantec’s director of specialist solutions in the Pacific region, Sean Kopelke, companies need to stop thinking of data simply as something that needs to be stored. “Storage is just one component of it,” he says.

Kopelke adds that a lot of companies are looking for real-time analysis of information and that a lot more value can be added to businesses who, more than just storing, analyse the data they possess.

“There are a large amount of opportunities out there for resellers to help organisations review their storage utilisation and capacity, as well as help them sort their information. There is a massive amount of duplicate information,” says Kopelke. He adds that the opportunities will not disappear any time soon with “over two thirds of organisations expecting the volume of information to continue to increase”.

“Start looking at information as an asset. We simplify it too often when only thinking of storing it. It’s not just about storage. A lot of value can be taken from that information,” he adds.

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