Fighting data leaks

Fighting data leaks

ITB Distribution sees reseller opportunities with Titus add on for Microsoft

Wellington based ITB Distributors is looking for resellers to market the Titus document security tagging add on for the Microsoft platform. Titus automatically offers Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint users the ability to tag documents with security options which control which users the document can be seen by.

ITB country manager Chris O’Shea says Titus is simple but effective. He claims it could have prevented the recent accidental emailing of confidential documents by ACC, for example. It sits on the desktop rather than the server and presents a pop up dashboard that classifies a document into different security states before saving. The classification then reacts with users' pre-assigned email addresses.

“It [provides] document and email classification and then there’s a whole lot of smarts built around SharePoint and what SharePoint can do,” says O’Shea.

He says many security breaches can be avoided using Titus and resellers can offer their customers a product that far outweighs its own value in terms of the damage it can prevent.

“About 90 percent of all inadvertent data leaks happen via email at the user level,” says O’Shea. “And this is what Titus specialises in, stopping inadvertent data leaks.

“When we’ve got certain departments down here [Wellington] sending confidential information to Hotmail accounts or whatever... this enforces your user to classify the desktop and it leaves a footprint as well. It’s just a little 2 MB file that sits there on the desktop. If you email a document that has been categorised for HR only and if it’s not going to those people it will stop and ask you for a reason why.”

O'Shea says that since ITB started distributing Titus at the beginning of the year, it has received a number of enquiries from resellers, “particularly in the SharePoint space”.

“What we do want to do is get out there and talk to certified SharePoint developers with a view to partnering with them as well,” he says. “Right now we’re getting three or four leads a week which are end user driven and which we push back through the reseller.”

ITB director Alan Osborne says the product also works with non-Microsoft files. “It’s all documents, PDFs, JPEGs, the lot. If people are running MacAfee out there and they want a smarter DLP [data loss prevention] solution that will hook in with Titus. We’re busy enough with this now but we’d like to get the word out there so that they [resellers] can talk to us early about this.”

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