Kroll Ontrack looks to double resellers in next six months

Kroll Ontrack looks to double resellers in next six months

A self-service portal and new staff to spur NZ growth

Data recovery provider Kroll Ontrack has reinforced its Australian and New Zealand customer service team with the appointment of two new customer service executives based in Brisbane. According to a statement released by the company, Rebecca Armstrong and Amelia Connor join Kroll Ontrack with two decades of combined customer service experience and will be tasked to support Australian and New Zealand customers and service partners with data recovery service needs and other data management requests.

“We have I guess quite an extensive network of partners, and what we wanted to do was to expand the network further,” says Adrian Briscoe, the vendor’s regional manager. “We’re seeing growth in the complexity of recovery now, so where increasingly you buy a harddrive with encryption. Most branded drives have some kind of encryption. We work with WD [Western Digital] helping their clients, we work with Apple service providers to assist their clients. And on the hypervisor side, we work quite closely with VMWare.”

The data recovery complexity comes from a mix of hardware and software, Briscoe says, with 3TB hard drives becoming the norm, and the mixed environments becoming more tasking for engineers to handle.

“In the past, you might have had a single platter with two heads, now you have multiple platters with multiple heads,” Briscoe says. “Everything is bunched up to get more data to get on the platters. So the complexity from larger capacity drives is greater. There’s also the element of encryption from external harddrives, and SSDs also adds to the actual effort that needs to go into recovering data.”

Kroll Ontrack has 25 reseller partners in New Zealand, and expects to finalise a 26th in the coming two weeks. Part of the reason for the new appointments is to help bring in new resellers. The company is also promoting the use of its online portal to give partners the ability to self-serve.

“The portal gives the op for partner to self-service so they can actually go to the web page, put the job in and dispatch it to us, and follow the process to the lab and they can either accept or decline depending on the result,” says Briscoe.

The Brisbane-based lab has been expanded to add more capacity to image drives. The company is bringing more technical staff in to help service new workloads, especially coming from the company’s relationships with Apple and Western Digital. There is also demand for access to data stored on older tape media.

“For people moving away from tape to disk, they need the ability to restore tape when required,” Briscoe says. “That’s maybe two or three times a year. But the tape service allows them not to have to maintain their original backup agent, and that can be a significant cost saving. They use our services to extract data on an ad hoc basis.”

Although tape is being obviated, Briscoe says “there’s still a need for tape and a lot of companies will keep their tapes in the vault”.

Companies such as in the healthcare sector, have regulatory obligations to keep records for many years, which means that can not dispense with the tape records.

“But they’re trying to work out how to future proof themselves,” he says. “They won’t be converting that to anything else, but they will look for services to access that data when required.”

Kroll Ontrack expects to double the number of resellers in New Zealand in the next six months, Briscoe says, which the portal is expected to encourage.

“People don’t have to speak to anyone, they just log in the work remotely,” says Briscoe. “For support, we have informational videos to tell them how to handle recovery and we’re trying to otherwise empower the partners as best as possible. We certainly see an increase in data recovery work not only in Oz, but in NZ as well.”

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