Trend Micro re-focuses, on data

Trend Micro re-focuses, on data

Security solutions provider sees shift from protecting devices to protecting data

Every organisation is at some sort of stage of deploying a BYOD solution, says Sanjay Mehta, Trend Micro's Australian-based ANZ managing director.

Mehta visited New Zealand to attend the company's Evolve cloud security event this month, where about 150 attendees discussed the current trends in the security space.

"Every organisation is in some phase of it [BYOD]. The question is: are you writing the policy? It is as much about policy as it is about technology," he says.

Mehta says that "people's views are changing" and mobile device management is now only one piece of a much larger puzzle, with companies shifting their focus into how to protect their data. "MDM is about the physical device. Now it's more about the data. It shares the paradigm with the cloud. You feel like you have lost control. It comes down to encryption," he says.

Mehta believes that the multitude of mobile platforms also means takes the focus away from the device and on to the data. "You are hard pressed to find an organisation that does not have a mix of iOS and Android. This represents opportunities for Trend Micro and our partners."

He says the company will launch a new product in 2013 that makes that shift into managing data rather than simply managing the device. "It allows partners to elevate the level of the discussion. The reseller can say "let me help you write your policy". It is a very easy dialogue," adds the MD.

"What happens to your laptop when you leave? It brings up an old question. We have all been using our work laptops for personal stuff. It wasn't BYOD but it became personal. But laptops depreciate anyway. What you really want is the data."

Mehta says Trend Micro is working "much more closely with partners in New Zealand" and looking at engaging with local cloud providers here. Trend is also looking at the ways in which to engage with partners and evaluating the traditional resources made available to resellers, he says.

"The traditional approach to partner certification is very academic. Passing a test is not necessarily a display of competence. We're looking at how we do it and looking at the relevance of the entire package of information," he says. "We have the opportunity to break the mould." With that in mind, Mehta says Trend Micro is gearing up to launch new tools for resellers within the next 100 days.

The company is also working on expanding its leadership in the cloud security space with a new version of its cloud security solution.

Trend Micro separated ANZ from the rest of the APAC region in the beginning of the year. "New Zealand has been very successful for Trend Micro," he says. "We expect more dramatic growth. New Zealand is pretty forward-looking so it is a great place for us to introduce new products."

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