SMX opens cloud-based email service to govt agencies

SMX opens cloud-based email service to govt agencies

Secure email encryption service now available to more than 70 government organisations

Cloud platform and email security company SMX has announced the first multi-tenant, cloud-based SEEMail (Secure Electronic Environment Mail) service supporting secure email exchange between government departments. SEEMail is the email encryption standard for New Zealand government organisations.

Chief technology officer and co-founder Thom Hooker says SMX SEEMail support is now available to the more than 70 government organisations using SEEMail. SMX SEEMail support will also be integrated into the SMX-based email security services offered by SMX resellers such as Fujitsu and Revera. 

SMX SEEMail encryption is enabled by the integration of software developed by Scientific Software Solutions into the SMX email security technology stack. 

Hooker says the service is not only the first truly multi-tenant, cloud SEEMail service but is also fully compliant with the new Version 3 iteration of the SEEMail standard.

He says delivering SEEMail email encryption via the cloud will have a number of managment advantages, both for government users and SMX’s resellers who provide and manage email filtering and security to government organisations as part of a wider managed services contract.

“SEEMail is well accepted and established,” says Hooker. “However, there have been issues for users. For example, it is not well integrated with state-of-the-art email filtering, and there have been instances of encrypted viruses being exchanged. Because it has not been available as a cloud service, users and suppliers have had to manage dedicated servers with all the associated certification and upgrade management requirements and costs.

“The SMX SEEMail service is designed to remove all the management hassles and will enable encryption to be delivered as a seamless part of the SMX cloud email security service,” he says.

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