Blue Coat sees marked rise in malnets

Blue Coat sees marked rise in malnets

Vendor pushes optimisation value add for enterprise customers seeking a scalable gateway

Blue Coat’s most recent Malnet Report indicates a possible rise in the organisation and scope of networks devoted to malicious attacks.

The security and WAN optimisation provider earlier this month issued its semi-annual report, now in its third year, stating that the company had identified 1500 malnets, a 200 percent increase over just 12 months ago.

The company identifies malnets as networked computing infrastructure that has been infected by Trojans and other malicious code to launch attacks.

“It’s the same threat in New Zealand as it is across the board,” says Jonathan Andresen, Blue Coat’s APAC product VP. Andresen says that, for example, search engine poisoning continues to be the leading gateway for malnets. According to the report, more than 35 percent of malicious code finds its way to users via search engines, with email a distant second, at 11 percent.

Blue Coat says analysis of data gathered from its global users has helped the company to identify a constantly shifting array of malnets, which helps it to block malicious code.

“The malnets are complicated and dynamic and what we need for New Zealand is a global network to protect users here,” says Andresen. “New Zealand users benefit from people surfing the web in France, Australia, and America.”

Andresen says the company’s cloud-based, gateway solutions for the enterprise market stand out in New Zealand because of its built-in optimisation technology.

“You can make the internet secure but as you make it secure you add more processes and you make it slower,” Andresen says. “The cost of bandwidth in New Zealand is high so being able to cache the content locally and optimised is proving to be a strong value for customers.”

Blue Coat also emphasises the benefits of a gateway to make security more scalable and proactive, in addition to “the 15-year-old architecture” of signature-based protection. The discovery and tracking of malnets, Andresen says, gives Blue Coat users an edge.

“Two years ago, we were talking about real-time defence,” Andresen says. “Now even that can’t keep up. It’s not zero-day, it’s negative day. These malnets are so large, and they can change a thousand domains in a day, they can shift resources from country to country and tap different resources very quickly.”

Blue Coat sells through Westcon in New Zealand. The company focuses on tailored “user experience” for the client company, Andresen says, and Blue Coat supports its resellers with technical and sales training, and particular promotions to attract end users.

“We want the resellers to become part of the business,” Andresen says.

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