Silverpeak leverages technology for new opportunities

Silverpeak leverages technology for new opportunities

Velocity programme aims to bring optimisation to storage backups in branch offices

Silverpeak is applying its optimisation technology for replication solutions between offsite or branch office storage and a hub.

“WAN optimisation has been typically about the silo of networking, but now the business is changing and very quickly there are two markets developing,” says Wayne Neich, the vendor’s regional director for Oceania.

“One is the storage market, which has been around for years, and as soon as you set up a storage implementation at a second site and need then to replicate that, back it up and keep it in sync with the primary site, then there’s a communications requirement to do that. That’s often very slow, expensive, and customers want to make it fast and cheap.”

Silver Peak’s Velocity programme, which was introduced to some New Zealand resellers in September, is targeted to work with storage vendors for replication between sites, and is connected through a variety of ITC infrastructure models, especially where MLPS and VPNs create bottlenecks.

While Silver Peak says it is building on existing relationships with such storage vendors as EMC and HDS, Velocity is currently optimised for SnapMirror, with other replication solutions forthcoming.

Neich says the Velocity programme is meant to help existing Silver Peak and NetApp resellers to add optimisation to their portfolios.

“This to enable NetApp and other storage partners to revisit their existing accounts where they have two sites or more with storage and show them how Silver Peak can enable them to improve and speed up backups and replications,” Neich says. “And to get more replication jobs done in their limited time windows and save money by using lower cost, lower bandwidth or lower quality telco links.”

Neich says Silver Peak has seen customers achieve a return on their investment in the software-based optimisation solution of up to six times. In the US, AT&T used Silver Peak to replicate and sync data in 19 sites for billing, all of which used NetApp storage solutions. Neich says it was company policy to use the MPLS circuits for communicating between datacentres, but with the Silver Peak solution, what used to be a seven and a half hour backup was reduced to 30 minutes.

While replication is one driver for teaming up with storage vendors, Neich says the virtualisation of branch offices is also increasing demand for software-based optimisation.

“The way it looks like it will go, people are virtualising their regional and branch offices and software solutions will follow that because it’s the cheapest way to do it,” he says.

Silver Peak still has only four active resellers in New Zealand, in part because of the relatively smaller number of end user companies with the need for optimising their storage backups and replication. Nevertheless, Silver Peak thinks those customers will see the advantage of optimising data going over a mixed telco architecture..

“Data is still a cost to their business,” Neich says. “We simply want to motivate those partners to go back to their customers and make them aware of the benefits to speeding up the replication process and taking a lot of pressure off their networks as well.”

Silver Peak is currently doing an outbound campaign with NetApp partners, and additional solutions are coming specifically for Dell storage, and others. Neich says there may be opportunities for resellers to help customers manage their telco costs by demonstrating the difference between storage syncing without optimisation and storage syncing with.

Neich says Silver Peak is the only vendor with a “virtualised WAN optimisation solution that runs beyond 40 Mbps” when the norm is anywhere between two and four Mbps. Hardware vendors may get 1Gbps throughput but the machines can be the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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