Veteran IT consultant sets out on new venture

Veteran IT consultant sets out on new venture

Janke van der Vyver's iVise Solutions launches with focus on consulting and 'reverse engineering'

Janke van der Vyver, a co-founder of Enterprise IT and former solutions specialist with Lexel, has started his own consulting business.

The company, based in Albany, is setting out to do corporate IT, along with bringing niche products in facilities systems convergence, security and power continuity.

“We’re doing corporate IT, but also a couple of other things I enjoy as well,” says van der Vyver. “It’s dealing with facilities, building management systems and the like.”

The company is targeting enterprise businesses, allowing van der Vyver to leverage his years of making connections, and will be abetted by the notion of ‘reverse engineering’ solutions to a customer’s business needs.

“What we’re doing is going to a business with an idea and saying if you combine these business elements over here with those business elements over there you can change the way you go to market and your business model. You can give yourself a differentiator, you can get a better result at a lower cost,” says van der Vyver. “If you’re actually reverse engineering, everything else just follows, I never sell anything: sales happen.”

On its website, iVise outlines a seven step, ‘fast-cycle’ approach to reverse engineering from the desired outcome back to the proposed solution.

“I do this at a leadership level, effectively asking the business owners where they want to take their business and the technology components happen,” says van der Vyver. “So often CXOs feel like technology is a black box they can look in, but it costs a fortune and they can’t get a predictable service level or a predictable cost.”

The company already has a number of clients, van der Vyver says, and he is partnering with companies with specific expertise on projects, while also relying on support from vendors, which include HP, IBM, Dell and others.

“I’ll partner with people in the security and the power continuity and other people in the convergence space,” he says. “That’s how you get the leverage. I’m also quite excited by my relationship with Dell at the moment. They have lean go to market model where they enable the customer make sure their people process and technologies is appropriate to support the solution over the life of the solution, with training and networking.”

The company has its first employee, Bruce Busbridge, another IT veteran in the New Zealand market, as iVise’s account manager. Busbridge has worked for Compaq, and IBM. And although he is starting off small, with a staff of one, van der Vyver says the nature of the work will not call for bringing on a lot more employees.

“I’m not setting out to build a company of consultants at this point,” he says. “What I am doing is working closely with other specialists in their area people who are specialist in productivity consulting, pure business continuity consulting, pure process improvement, change stuff and human behavioural and someone else will do analytics and BI.”

Van der Vyver came to New Zealand in the late 1990s from South Africa, where he owned an IT company, after his wife became pregnant with their first child.

“We were sort of talking about coming to New Zealand, and being able to have a look, we really liked the place, but we weren't majorly motivated, but when the wife got pregnant that did it,” he says. “We didn’t want to raise children in South Africa, and we’ve been loving New Zealand ever since.”

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