Sush Mobile throws in with Kony for app development platform

Sush Mobile throws in with Kony for app development platform

App specialist is working to make deal exclusive, but time will tell

Auckland-based mobile application development specialist Sush Mobile has signed on as a user and reseller of Kony solutions.

Kony is a vendor in the emerging market category of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, allowing organisations to develop a single application that can be used across all operating systems on a comprehensive list of devices as they go to market.

“Sush took off from 2009 onwards when mobile apps were taking off,” says Sulabh Sharma, the company’s director. “Sush Mobile had been working with developers to build mobile apps for business processes. The key focus from the start has been sustainability which is why we’ve been strong promoters of hybrid application development over native application development. If you’re only on native, then that rules out some functionality that’s required. There’s no other way than hybrid.”

Sush focuses on services around mobile app development and implementation on behalf of clients, including functionality development and platform building. But, Sharma, says now Kony is the platform that the company is recommending to its clients.

Earlier this year, Kony was listed as one of seven vendors in Gartner’s magic quadrant as a visionary in the MEAP or Mobile Application Development Platform space. Other vendors in that space are not well-known in the New Zealand market, with the exclusion of Adobe.

Gartner gave Kony good grades for its comprehensive coverage of “writing once” to thousands of devices, but cautioned that support from India could prove challenging to end users, while its native scripting language creates a learning curve for developers.

The company has since switched to JavaScript, and the introduction of a partner in New Zealand is bound to make support issues less troublesome. Sush Mobile is confident in the platform. Sharma says the vendor guarantees support for a new device within 90 days of its launch, and support for a new OS within 30 days.

“There’s a lot of fragmentation in the mobile market,” Sharma says. “It’s not just the OS but it’s also the devices, and the technology which and that makes it really hard for enterprise, and businesses, to cope with their BYOD strategy. If they're allowing any device, they can’t spend a huge budget to support each and every device.”

Kony currently supports 9000 devices which is a huge number, “which means once an application is developed with Kony, it can work on all 9000 devices and systems and technologies,” Sharma says.

“On top of that, Kony has dedicated security modules which are switch on/off options,” he adds. “Usually embedding security can be expensive for native and hybrid development but with Kony it’s pretty much the libraries are all there and it’s switch on switch off.”

Kony has reseller agreements with a number of global partners including HP and IBM. Kony uses a single tier channel model and although it is not known at this time if there are other regional resellers or developers working with Kony, Sharma is intent on making theirs exclusive.

“We are very close to kind of having an exclusive relationship,” he says. “We’ve had a tight relationship over the last four or five months and I can’t comment on that other than it’s not exclusive but it might be very soon.”

Sush settled on Kony after an “extensive search” of MEAPs he says.

“We compared a lot of products and Kony came out best,” he adds, pointing to the platform’s pre-built apps, on premise and in-the-cloud capabilities and the SLA that guarantees support for new devices and OSes soon after they are introduced.

Sush currently employs 20 people and counts large media companies and banks among its clients, none of which are yet counted as Kony MEAP customers as of yet.

“MEAP is really new in New Zealand,” he says. “There is still a lot of education required about what it is.”

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