Cisco to hit the road debuting specialisation

Cisco to hit the road debuting specialisation

Express collaboration targeted for mid-market

Cisco will introduce its Express Collaboration specialisation to New Zealand resellers at its Cisco Roadshow 2013 next month.

The half-day session will be held on March 18 in Auckland and March 21 in Wellington (both at the Cisco offices in those cities) and will focus on sales and strategy for resellers bringing Cisco’s BE6000 and TelePresence products to ‘mid-market’ companies. It will also discuss “improvements we have made to our existing TelePresence ATP reseller program,” according to a statement.

“The roadshow is set up to cover the mid-market, and that does mean a lot of different things to different countries,” says Dave Wilson, regional manager for collaboration. “We’re tailoring that a little to New Zealand, but the messaging is talking about our products, market transitions and maybe the changing pitch in collaboration, and talking about partner profitibality and the tools that can assist in the sale.”

“This is talking about our collaboration ranges with a focus on video,” Wilson adds. “Video is popular and has grown fast.”

The roadshow highlights the Cisco Unified Communications Business Edition 6000 shipping with pre-set licence configurations of 25, 50 and 100 instances, and a free video controller.

Cisco generally defines 'mid-size' organisations in the ANZ region as having 50 to 1000 users, but the pre-packaged 25 licence option is to acknowledge the difference in the scale of New Zealand’s market, which is made up mostly of organisations with five or fewer employees.

“It’s really scaling down to suit the New Zealand market in that way,” says Wilson. “Although that’s probably not the core space we would focus on, the very small organisation.”

The new express collaboration specialisation allows particpating resellers access to new products they may not have sold before, and to upgrade their ability to sell without incurring any extra cost, Wilson says. According to a statement, it will “significantly lower the time and financial investment” partners need to sell the TelePresence portfolio and Business Edition 6000.

The BE6000 unit comes preloaded with Cisco applications, with customers or partners allowed to activate five of those applications, under the programme, making it easier for resellers to activate the solution for their customers.

“You don’t need someone sitting there, installing every application before you even install the licences,” Wilson says.

The roadshow is operated by Cisco, but the company is working with its distributors, Ingram Micro and Express Data to get the word out. Regionally, Cisco has also started visiting resellers in Hamilton, Tairoa and Napier to spread the word there.

Wilson says that video is becoming a bigger part of Cisco’s business globally, and in New Zealand, enterprises that want to do “more with less” over a wide geographic spread will be interested in implementing video to facilitate collaboration needs.

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