Oracle tailors hardware-software bundle for ANZ market

Oracle tailors hardware-software bundle for ANZ market

An IaaS solution anticipates interest among companies with up to 250 seats

Oracle is bundling hardware with management software in a bid to appeal to organisations with up to 250 licensed users.

Oracle’s starter kit packages a SPARC T4 or X86 server with storage, virtualisation and management software. The package was launched in February here, Australia and Japan, as a kind of test balloon. From Oracle’s perspective, these are the most mature markets throughout APAC, as far as virtualisation and hybrid environments are concerned.

“What we’re trying to do is take a customer through a maturing model structure,” says Stuart Long, Oracle’s Sydney-based CTO for APAC. “The entry into the cloud is that next level of maturity we see customers looking to take, once they’ve done the virtualisation piece.”

The kit includes licensing bundles accommodating 25, 50 or 100 users. Long says it is packaged to appeal to companies of five to 350 seats, and fits in with the company’s virtualisation bundles introduced in 2012, part of a bundling roadmap that continues with the starter kit.

“It can take those virtualisation bundles and move that into the cloud where we can now talk about things like proper billing management in a cloud environement,” Long says. “What we see is SMBs looking to move to the next level and start to deploy solutions that way.”

Stuart Speers of Enterprise IT says Oracle is on to something.

“We are already selling our own combinations of a very similar Oracle stack and our Oracle Database as a service cloud offering with Revera is based on Sun x86 servers, OVM and Oracle Linux,” says Speers. “So yes, a pre-bundled stack will have significant interest.”

Speers is scheduled to do a presenation at the Oracle New Zealand Users Group conference on March 18, about the re-birth of SPARC, which points to Oracle’s x86 play, SPARC roadmap and database appliances as an indication that the Oracle/Sun legacy is “back in the running”.

“They always had such reliable Sun infrastructure and Solaris scales so well,” Speers told Reseller News by email.

Speers believes the standard edition Oracle database for SMB customers is competitively priced and opens a new market for Oracle partners.

“Solutions like this are also well aligned to having production-based deployments at the customer site and a DR option running in our database cloud at Revera,” he says. “The SPARC-based option will also appeal to many larger shops as there is so much knowledge around SPARC/Solaris and it is a scalable platform with the likes of OVM for SPARC installed.”

Long says the new bundles and licensing come down to giving partners choice in how they deploy ORacle solutions, especially moving to a service model.

“It’s to help resellers build their capabilities around that cloud infrastructure, where the cloud is real time distribution, allowing the resellers to start to sell our products but in a different way,” he says. “So we can bundle and sell this as a IaaS solution, as opposed to distributing them as a product.”

“We need that level of agility, of providing IaaS and SaaS 24/7,” Long continues. “It’s the capbility of delivering a hybrid environment, or private infrastructure, and the selling of backup DR and services through the cloud, but from region to region.”

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