Silver Peak foresees VRX opening doors

Silver Peak foresees VRX opening doors

An offsite replication solution that may win more business for resellers among SMBs

Data optimisation solutions provider Silver Peak this month launched three new additions to its Velocity solution.

The VRX-2, VRX-4 and VRX-8 software solutions are being marketed to companies that only want to do offsite backup and replication.

“The main concern for these people is they’ve got to get this done in a tight window,” says Wayne Neich, Silver Peak’s Oceania regional director. “However, the cost-point of traditional WAN optimisation has been prohibitive. So, what we’re offering in the VRX-2 platform, is software aimed at entry-level companies just starting to do offsite backup and replications.”

The solution has already rolled out in Australia, and complements Silver Peak’s VX virtual appliance products launched 18 months ago. The vendor last May signed on Ingram Micro to distribute in New Zealand, and the partners say this will give storage professionals a lower-cost alternative that will appeal to SMBs.

Subscription pricing for the low-end VRX-2, allows customers replication capacity of up to 60 GB/hr for US$2,763 a year. The company claims that the VRX solutions can increase the speed of replication by 20 times, on average, within the budgets of more SMBs.

“Price-point is certainly going to get interest among our resellers,” says Rochelle Carlyle, a senior product manager with Ingram. Carlyle and Neich will roll out the offerings by first touching base with exising reseller partners in New Zealand in mid-April. “We’re definitely visiting customers we’re already dealing with, but that are looking to bring new customers on board,” she adds.

Carlyle says there has also been interest from new reseller customers Ingram Micro has contacted in a telephone campaign.

“Typically, they’ve already been dealing with WAN optimisation, and they’re looking for more choice, and another offering they can give their customers,” she says.

Neich says Silver Peak has five resellers that fall into the storage specialist and generalist system integrators categories. Fujitsu is one of them, and while Neich says the company is starting to generate interest with its existing reseller base first, he expects the product to draw interest from new tier-2 resellers.

In Australia, Neich says, one partner has sold the VRX solutions to organisations in several verticals, including a small town council and a automobile technology manufacturer.

“The deals were quick deals, within 45 days from the time the partner called the customer to the sale,” he says. The opportunity for resellers is to revisit companies that could not afford optimisation before.

“I want the partners to go in and ask their customers, ‘do you still have that problem with backups’, and if the customer says yes, they can say that the solution can lower their cost by 70 to 80 percent.”

Silver Peak offers prospective customers a free 30-day trial on the VRX solutions. In addition to the VRX-2, the company offers the VRX-4 with 300 GB/hr for $8,297 a year and the VRX-8 with 1.5 TB/hr for $38,731 a year.

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