Logitech UE 6000

Logitech UE 6000


Logitech’s UE 6000s are some of the most comfortable headphones ever to lovingly cradle my head. The cushioning in the earcups and under the headband is soft and squishy, and the headband is extendable enough to cater for everyone.

Comfort doesn’t mean Logitech has compromised on style, though – the UE 6000s are good looking, and the build quality seems much more robust than other audio products the company has released in the past couple of years. The cord – the 6000s are wired, and connect via a standard 3.5mm audio jack – is a bright electric blue, and the case has a zip to match.

The UE 6000s are around-the-ear and have closed earcups – whether that’s good or not will depend on personal preference. Closed earcups have a tendency to get a bit echoey, but keep the sound in better if you don’t want to be broadcasting a podcast with inappropriate language to the entire office. Personally, I didn’t pick out any echo this time.

If you live or work in an environment with a lot of background noise, these headphones have you covered – they’ve got active noise cancelling to reduce those ambient sounds. I tested the 6000s in an environment with a lot of outside traffic noise, and it worked very well.

The sound quality on these headphones is very good – you can pick apart each individual instrument with ease, and high notes are crisp.

So what’s the downside? They have a very ordinary 20Hz–20kHz frequency response range, and the bassier sounds are nowhere near as thunderous as the high notes are sharp. However, the sound is, in general, of a much higher quality than that of most audio products with the same range.

Even though the bass is a little bit flat, the price was the real problem preventing these headphones from getting a 5-star, platinum review. For the same price, you could buy a premium set of Sennheiser headphones, which have similar, if not better, sound quality.

This review was first published in the June issue of New Zealand PC World.

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