Fight the power costs

Fight the power costs

There is no single answer that solves the energy usage problem but CIOs can look at four areas where they can make a difference.

There is no single answer that solves the energy usage problem but CIOs can look at four areas where they can make a difference, says Jose Iglesias, global solutions vice president, Symantec. These are data protection, virtualisation, power management and data centre design.

“The CIO will say `this feels like the right thing to do’ but they struggle with how much it’s going to save the company. By releasing these tips we can help the CIO put together the return on investment for doing this and that’s really important in the current economic climate,” Iglesias tells CIO New Zealand.

Power management is the easiest to implement, says Iglesias. “Most people start the day by powering up their laptop or PC and than get called away to a meeting. Why should that machine be operational when it’s not been used?’ His advice is to put the computer on sleep mode and turn computers off when employees leave for the day.

In the area of data protection, he says data usage is what drives customers to purchase hardware. “If you can go after the root cause of the problem than you’re wasting a lot of equipment by storing a lot of stuff you don’t need to.”

His advice is to de-duplicate data. “Data de-duplication can decrease backup storage consumption by 10 to 50 times compared to tape-based backup methods.”

Turning to virtualisation, he says investing in clustering software can extend the usability of virtualisation technology. “The right software enables IT to extend virtualisation to more applications and reduce the number of servers used.”

Good data centre design will also help to save costs. “Data centres chew up a lot of money in terms of electricity costs. It’s important that you design for optimal usage It gets back to simple housekeeping rules- if you’re not using the equipment than turn it off and take it out of the data centre.”

Iglesias says Symantec implemented all the power saving costs internally before releasing the tips. “New Zealand is ahead of the Unites States in terms of green IT so many local companies are already deploying these ideas.”

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