Symantec: Malware writers get in on the swine flu hysteria

Symantec: Malware writers get in on the swine flu hysteria

Spam headlines mention Salma Hayek and Madonna getting swine flu

Symantec Security Response has discovered malware writers are joining spammers in exploiting the swine flu story to reach computer users. According to the company, samples are extremely limited but it is another attempt by hackers to leverage current events as lures.

The security company has analysed a malicious Adobe PDF document called `Swine influenza frequently asked questions.'

It exploits an Adobe vulnerability to get malware on to the computer.

"Computer users should continue to observe security best practices by keeping all security and other software up-to-date and practice caution when opening suspicious files from unknown sources," said the company.

Symantec has also posted the top 10 swine flu spam headlines on a blog.

These are:

1. Swine flu in USA

2. Salma Hayek caught swine flu!

3. US swine flu statistics

4. Swine flu in Hollywood!

5. NY victims of swine flu

6. Swine flu worldwide!

7. Madonna caught swine flu!

8. First US swine flu victims!

9. Will swine flue attack USA?

10. US swine flu fears.

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