Dell launches OpenStack-based cloud offering in UK

Dell launches OpenStack-based cloud offering in UK

Open source IaaS gets a boost with Dell OpenStack-based product

Dell this week announced that its open source, on-premise cloud solution, based on the OpenStack platform and running on Ubuntu, is available in the UK and a number of other regions in Europe and Asia.

The product integrates the OpenStack cloud operating system with Dell PowerEdge C servers and the Dell-developed Crowbar deployment and management software framework. It is aimed at customers seeking alternatives to existing cloud options based on proprietary software models from the likes of Joyent and OnApp.

"Using and integrating the efficiencies of the PowerEdge C line with optimised software and tailored services, the Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution enables users to take a server out of the box and be up-and-running on an OpenStack cloud in mere hours," said John Igoe, executive director of Cloud and Big Data Solutions for Dell .

"With Dell's tested and validated designs in infrastructure, software, and services, customers can build out their IT presence and lower in-house costs."

Dell has been part of the OpenStack community since its creation, and first announced the OpenStack-powered cloud solution in the US last year. The company hopes that its extended availability will serve as a catalyst for the adoption of open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Speaking to Techworld earlier this year, Dell's EMEA marketing director for next-generation computing solutions, Ed English, warned that cloud is allowing some enterprise IT vendors to shoehorn their proprietary technology back into the data centre.

"Companies and IT managers alike have worked very hard to drive more flexibility and more interoperability into the data centre, and there has been a big shift from proprietary to open," he said.

"However, if you're looking at private cloud solutions that are based on technology that locks you into a specific storage vendor or a specific network vendor, it is creating a situation where the trend ticks back a little bit."

Commenting on the news, Canonical chief executive Jane Silber said that the Dell solution is ideal for organisations that want to build open source, scalable and cost effective cloud infrastructures, adding that Canonical will continue to support Dell and OpenStack in the coming years.

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