Lenovo ThinkPad T400s light yet powerful

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s light yet powerful

Targeted at mid to large enterprise users for whom portability is key, Lenovo's latest 14.1-inch LED screen laptop, the ThinkPad T400s, is designed to be thin and light at 0.83 inches in thickness and under four pounds in weight.

Besides mobility, the ThinkPad T400s is also designed for comfort with features like a touchpad that lies flush with the palm of the hand and has a textured feel so users can sense the location of the touchpad without looking down at it. The touchpad is also multi-touch, allowing users to scroll, pinch and zoom through documents.

Realizing the popularity of the 'delete', 'escape' and 'backspace' keys, the buttons have been enlarged vertically. And given the fact that users often eat while working, keyboard keys are positioned closer to minimize the gap where food can fall. "A lot of people do tend to eat while they're working, so crumbs don't fall into the middle of the keyboard as well," said Chetan Joshi, brand manager for Lenovo Canada.

For the mobile worker who may have to rely on videoconferencing, the laptop has a video camera as well as two microphones to enhance sound quality.

To avoid wasting time logging on to the system, a biometric authentication for single sign-on is included so that one swipe of the finger will boot up the computer and automatically login. "A lot of the times when you arrive at work in the morning you power on your machine and you have to wait for your login screen and then go off and get your coffee or tea," said Joshi. "This way you can just swipe your finger."

The laptop also comes with enhancements to proprietary software including Power Manager and Access Connections.

But while lightweight and portable, Joshi said the ThinkPad T400s is nonetheless built for performance for specifications like a standard voltage processor, 2 to 4 Gigs of RAM, and solid state hard drive storage up to 128 or 250 GB storage.

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