Websense releases integrated DLP solution

Websense releases integrated DLP solution

Enterprises are increasingly demanding data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. According to research firm, Frost & Sullivan, the DLP solutions market is expected to grow to US$2.1 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 41.1 per cent.

In response, Websense has released its Data Security Suite version 7 and Data Security Endpoint solutions. The security solutions provider claimed that the solutions extend a company's network-based DLP capabilities to the endpoint, preventing data loss on remote laptops and removable media devices.

Single multi-function gateway

For customers that desire a single web gateway control point for web and data security, the Data Security Suite is available together with Websense's new Web Security Gateway. This single multi-function gateway gives them unique visibility and control over where confidential data is sent, Websense said.

Several features of the gateway include SSL decryption, granular geographic location visibility, real-time user identification and policy enforcement, and web destination awareness and control, the vendor said.

According to Websense, Data Security Endpoint focuses on the data itself, and protects that data regardless of device or application in use. Specifically, the solution applies content-aware data protection across a broad array of communication channels, such as the web, instant messaging, and removable media.

The solution also allows organizations to precisely scan and discover confidential data on any endpoint, and then protect that data, Websense said.

Granular security policies

Instead of rigid application control, such as never allowing printing, Data Security Endpoint allows organizations to set granular security policies around specific data, Websense said.

For example, organizations need to allow remote workers, such as the sales team, to access and use customer relationship management systems. But they also need to protect sensitive customer data at the same time.

With the solution, an organization can set policies that prevent specific sensitive customer information from being copied and pasted or printed. At the same time, the solution also allows the same sales person to print, copy and paste non-sensitive information. This flexibility enables business productivity, while eliminating the risk of data loss, Websense said.

"Today's workforce is more mobile and global than ever before, with employees using and accessing essential data, such as customer information, design documents or financials, from multiple devices, anytime and anywhere around the world," said John McCormack, senior vice president for product development at Websense. "Locking things down is not only unrealistic, it hinders business growth."

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