PHP upgrade improves Windows backing

PHP upgrade improves Windows backing

Zend official details 5.3 release of the scripting language, including garbage collection, namespaces, and PHP archive files.

The first public beta of Magento appeared in August 2007, and the 1.0 launch was on March 31, he said.

"We definitely see Magento as a next-generation PHP application, said Roy Rubin, founder and CEO of Varien.

Meanwhile, open-source WSO2 leveraged ZendCon to make a play in the PHP realm. The company launched WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP (WSF/PHP) 2.0 this week, featuring a scripting language library enabling developers to build and consume SOAP and REST Web services. Security and reliability are offered for enterprise SOA, the company said. The technology was demonstrated at ZendCon.

Data services, interoperability, and security are extended in the release. Developers also gain a framework for deploying PHP services meeting enterprise SOA standards, according to WSO2. Additionally, developers can bridge to tens of thousands of PHP Web applications and enterprise data sources, applications, and services.

Capabilities are added in four key areas with version 2.0:

-- Replay detection to track whether a message is fresh or has been sent previously, thus preventing replay attacks that could lead to denial of service

-- WS-Trust backing to issue, renew, and validate security tokens for trusted relationships

-- WS-SecureConversation support to allow a series of messages to be protected by a single session key and improve efficiency of the operation

-- Public Key cryptography standards enablement for handling multiple client x509 certificates simultaneously

Developers can send and receive binary data as attachments using MTOM or a SOAP message with attachments. MTOM in version 2.0 has been optimized via caching. WSDL support has been expanded via tools. WSF/PHP 2.0 is available for download now.

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