Oracle technical forum upgrade plagued with problems

Oracle technical forum upgrade plagued with problems

Oracle has been experiencing major problems with its technical forums this week after a platforum upgrade.

Oracle's technical forums have been racked with performance issues all week since the vendor upgraded the system. underwent a "long, long overdue" upgrade last weekend to Jive Forums 5.5, according to a blog post by Justin Kestelyn, editor in chief of Oracle Technology Network.

But apparently, some Oracle users have had to wait a long, long time to access the system, receiving error messages and experiencing slow performance overall.

The situation has users who did manage to get into the forums sounding off in colorful fashion.

"I do not care whether or not this forum has loads of funky new features -- if no one can get to the site and/or post anything, what's the point?," wrote one poster, "ATD," on Thursday.

"I would also like to register my disgust at what's been happening for several days and my sheer disappointment that Oracle, of all companies, would allow an application to go live without thorough testing or, if it was thoroughly tested in UAT, without rolling back immediately when it was obvious that there were problems in the production environment," ATD added.

Oracle teams have been scrambling to resolve the issues all week, according to Kestelyn, and uptime reached 80 percent by Wednesday, compared to 7 percent on Monday.

"Uptime is still not where it should be of course; is business-critical for a lot of folks (as well as for Oracle), and I'm glad they consider it so," he wrote.

"We made a conscious decision early in this process to stick with the upgrade; to fight through the problems instead of run from them," he added. "Regardless, I do want to apologize for the downtime you've suffered through thus far."

It is possible the company will change course platform-wise, he said. "Stability is our top priority - much more so than features. If we have to trade the latter for the former, we will."

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