Logitech unveils new all-in-one remote control

Logitech unveils new all-in-one remote control

Logitech unveiled the Harmony One advanced universal remote control, offering the same one-touch, activity-based control as other Harmony remotes. The Harmony One makes controlling home entertainment easier with a full-color touch screen, an intuitive button layout and a comfortable user-friendly design.

The 2.2-inch color touch screen uses capacitive technology, which responds to tiny electrical charges from the fingertips. Capacitive touch-screen technology is more durable, compared to touch screens that respond to pressure. The color touch screen provides control of any home entertainment device with an infrared receiver, including digital video recorders, high-definition televisions and many household appliances. The Harmony One remote's touch screen can also display icons of specified TV stations for quick access to favorite stations.

The Harmony One remote is divided into four distinct zones (numbers; traditional DVD controls; D-pad with volume and channel up/down; and on-screen menu buttons) for seamless control of today's most popular home entertainment devices. The remote's recharging station has a sleek profile with an adjustable light that makes it easy to find.

Using the Harmony One color touch screen, people simply touch the appropriate activity button and the Harmony One remote does the rest, including turning on the right components in the right order and setting the correct inputs. To watch a DVD, for example, people simply touch "Watch a DVD" on the touch screen. The Harmony One remote turns on the TV, the DVD player, and the A/V receiver. Then, if necessary, the Harmony One remote allows people to adjust the volume on the stereo system. There's no need to control components individually.

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control is priced at INR 18,495 (US$425) and is available at all leading electronic stores in India and comes with a replacement warranty of two years.

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