Fujitsu Global Mobile Platform commences operations

Fujitsu Global Mobile Platform commences operations

Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia (FMAL) has announced the commencement of operations of Fujitsu Global Mobile Platform (FMPI), a joint venture established based on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) tied between Fujitsu's former LSI business divisions (currently a separate entity, Fujitsu Microelectronics, FML) and the Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan.

FMPI will develop reference designs, which will improve design efficiencies for WiMAX-related products for Taiwan-based ODM vendors, in addition to providing technical support.


FMPI was established in Taipei, Taiwan on July 2, 2008 by Fujitsu (of which its existing LSI business divisions were later split from the company on March 21, 2008 to form a separate entity, Fujitsu Microelectronics, (FML) and III, based on an MOU tied by Fujitsu and III. FMPI commences business operations today.

Mobile WiMAX commercial services are anticipated to begin in Taiwan, Japan, the U.S. and from around Europe in August 2009. Services for various aspects of design and manufacturing of WiMAX-related products, including mobile WiMAX devices and mobile WiMAX ultra-small base stations, will be conducted by numerous ODM vendors centered in Taiwan.

Business Operations

Based on advanced WiMAX system-on-chip (SoC) solutions from FML and software technologies from III, FMPI will provide Taiwan-based ODM vendors with reference designs for WiMAX-related products in addition to technical support.

Initial WiMAX commercial services are foreseen to be PC-based, utilizing computer accessories such as PC cards or USB dongles which will feature functions for WiMAX.

In its early development, five ODM vendors in Taiwan have already committed to use FML's WiMAX solutions -- FMPI will offer these ODM vendors with technical support for products that the vendors plan to commercialize, and will also develop related software. Hereon, FMPI plans to provide technical support for a greater number of vendors as well.

Aiming for the growth of the WiMAX-related industry, FMPI will continue to develop reference designs that contribute to efficient product development of WiMAX-related products, while providing technical expertise.

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