Iomega's new REV motors to 120GB

Iomega's new REV motors to 120GB

Iomega has announced the third incarnation of its successful REV backup platform, upping the capacity of the drives to an uncompressed 120GB each.

The new drive will be available from this month in external USB 2.0 form, or as an internal SATA drive, with an ATAPI-based model promised for later in the year.

The new announcement means that Iomega has kept to its promise to improve capacity roughly every two years -- first REV drive appeared in 2004 and had a capacity of 35GB, while the 70GB version appeared two years later.

The selling point of the REV concept is that it combines elements of hard disk technology, but in a removable format. This means that it is faster than tape, but as durable as a conventional hard disk or good optical system, while offering performance comparable to both.

The company claims that cost of ownership is lower than buying removable hard drives because additional disks can be added at relatively low cost without buying a new drive. That said, although the new drives are backwards compatible with the older-lower capacity 70GB cartridges, getting the full capacity boost does obviously mean buying both a new drive and one or more of the 120GB cartridges.

The desktop drives will ship with EMC's Retrospect backups software, while the version aimed at backing up servers comes with CA's BrightStor ArcServe.

"Compared to entry-level tape products like LTO-1 and DAT160 format tape drives, the new REV 120GB Backup Drive offers more native capacity, near instantaneous random access to files, faster backups and restores, and ruggedized cartridges -- all at a much better drive price. In addition, REV drives offer today's multimedia enthusiast a limitless storage," said Iomega's COO, Tom Kampfer.

The company hasn't announced pricing for the new drive or disks, but it should be close to that being asked of the current range to remain competitive. A five-pack of 70GB REV disks can be had for around £195 with VAT,(US$380), while the 70GB ATAPI drive costs £340.

Separately, Iomega also became the latest vendor to embrace the cause of low-end rack-mounted NAS (network-attached storage), announcing the StorCenter Pro NAS 200rL Linux server, in 1TB, 2TB and 3TB capacities. Prices start at £935 for the 1TB version.

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