Cheaper 40GB PlayStation 3 all but confirmed

Cheaper 40GB PlayStation 3 all but confirmed

Rumors of a cheaper 40GB PS3 first surfaced in early September after an insider source claimed it was coming. Later in the month, Sky News revealed the alleged manufacturer of the new model.

In late September, an FCC filing by Sony revealed that the company was possibly readying the new PS3 model.

It didn't stop there.

On Monday it was reported that the rumored US$399 PS3 would hit stores before Thanksgiving holiday. Additionally, a promotional flyer leaked on the same day adding further proof that a new PS3 was on its way.

Assuming that wasn't enough to steal the thunder from an expected announced, sister site GamePro France says Sony will announce something big on October 12, to which the company's European division denied. On Tuesday, Engadget reported that the rumored machine has been marked with an "In Stock Date" of October 28 at Best Buy.

Sony's official statement amid all the talk: "We don't comment on rumors or speculation."

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