MacPractice 3 brings interface changes

MacPractice 3 brings interface changes

Medical practice management software maker MacPractice has come out with a new version of its server-based software. MacPractice 3 sports an enhanced interface and more options for backing up accounting data and creating Web interfaces, among other features.

Interface improvements to MacPractice allow the software to maximize the use of screen real estate. For example, a multi-resource calendar, one of the key modules of Mac Practice, can fit more timeslots and columns on the screen, saving the user from scrolling to see more detail.

MacPractice 3 also separates accounting from patient attachments, so users can back up transactions to a .Mac account separately from photos, x-rays, scanned documents, and files. The update also gives doctors more options for creating Web interfaces with MacPractice software, with more third-party clinical and accounting interfaces. Changes to the interface are also aimed at making the software more tablet-friendly, with an eye toward the pending release of the ModBook tablet.

Users of the MacPractice DDS program now have a Treatment Plan Ledger for scheduling phases of treatment via drag-and-drop.

MacPractice 3 requires MySQL Enterprise 5. Clients of MacPractice will get MacPractice 3 and MySQL5 as updates covered by their annual support and updates contract.

MacPractice says this latest version is the foundation for many of its upcoming software advancements, including the October releases of the MacPractice EMR and MacPractice DR clinical software as well as MacPractice Tooth Chart due in the first quarter of 2008.

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