Apple introduces laptops without 'Santa Rosa'

Apple introduces laptops without 'Santa Rosa'

Apple has refreshed its MacBook line of laptops, but unfortunately the new machines are already looking a bit out of date.

Apple's announcement came a week after Intel's introduction of the "Santa Rosa" update to Centrino -- but the platform isn't included in the new MacBooks.

Santa Rosa replaces the existing Centrino Duo platform and splits it in two: Centrino Duo for standard laptops and Centrino Pro for business gear.

Centrino Duo includes new Core 2 Duo processors, a new chipset with a faster front-side bus and optional dedicated memory cache, an integrated graphics core with a larger memory allocation and a new wireless card with draft 802.11n support.

Centrino Pro adds remote management technologies a la vPro for businesses. Both platforms are supposed to mean better performance and longer battery life.

The new MacBooks will stick with the older Centrino platform, however -- 2GHz or 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo processors, along with 1GB of RAM expandable to 2GB, a built-in video camera and a 802.11n-capable AirPort Extreme wireless card.

The laptops, aimed at consumers, are an inch thick and have a 13.3-inch display with 1280x800 pixel wide-scren resolution and come in three models, in either white or black.

The MacBook Pro was not updated this week and this professional model is likely to be the first to see Intel's new platform.

Other features rumored for the new laptops, such as LED backlights and solid-state hard drives were also absent from the announcement. Fujitsu and Sony have introduced ultraportables with LED backlights, supposed to significantly lengthen battery life.

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