Reseller News Advance: On-Demand Partner Insights

As the market enters the second half of 2020, the Kiwi channel is gradually coming up for air, taking a short breath and attempting to reposition for growth.

Despite ongoing Covid-19 challenges – triggered by uncertainty of lockdown measures, government stimulus packages and customer budgets – partners are seeking to move the conversation forward to focus on short- to medium-term priorities.

Hence the launch of Advance, a centralised editorial resource designed to help partners access informative and educational content as the market searches for pockets of opportunity – and revenue – in the months ahead.

Delivered on-demand via Reseller News, this platform will facilitate channel collaboration through access to real-time, relevant and local information, complemented by virtual events and research.

In a market filled with pandemic post-mortems looking back on lessons learned, Advance will instead assume a progressive position within New Zealand, offering a forward-thinking but realistic approach to kick-starting ecosystem momentum.

This will be delivered through a series of in-depth partner interviews and virtual events to assess on-the-ground customer sentiment, appetite for investment and revised priorities in 2020 and beyond.

Spanning both technology and business, Advance will offer in-country and regional insights specific to Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and India – reflecting IDG’s role as the leading independent channel voice across Asia Pacific.