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Reseller startup focuses on print and fax

Reseller startup focuses on print and fax

atSolutions signs on with three vendors, while putting its fax solution into the cloud

Wellington-based atSolutions has extended its fax solution into the cloud, and has signed reseller agreements with Fuji Xerox, Sharp and Konika Minolta.

Managing director Steve Price, who established the company in March with the atFAX product, has introduced cloudFAX, a hosted fax service that eliminates the need for organisations to invest in, manage and administer fax.

“Faxes are sent and received natively through your email system, and sent via your multifunctional printer as standard,” Price says. “If you wish to print faxes, you can do that, and faxes may also be received into email and printed simultaneously.

“You can also send and receive faxes from your favourite mobile smart device.”

Price says the system operates from two big fax servers in a secure data centre in Auckland.

“We become like a telephone exchange. The customer goes to his multifunction device, puts in the fax number, which goes to our servers, and we send out accordingly. The fax can also be sent to email from a PC.

“We can have it up and running for a customer within 24 hours.”

The cost is $25 a month per number, compared to current industry charges of $40 a line.

“CloudFAX eliminates your fax infrastructure. There is no analogue line, no analogue telephone adapter, no cabling costs and administration overheads.

“If you need to move your multifunctional printer, there is no need to install new cabling and telephone sockets.”

He says cloudFAX is a service. “It’s that easy. You simply provision your existing numbers to the service, or request all new numbers, nominate your sending and receiving email address links, and you’re ready to go.”

Typical users of fax services include law firms, accountants, health organisations and local bodies.

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