Origin IT gets a bite of the Apple

Origin IT gets a bite of the Apple

Apple signs on latest authorised New Zealand reseller, one of the few MSPs to get the designation

Friday drinks were a little more special on November 16 for Origin IT staff, following the company's announcement that it had just became an authorised Apple reseller and one of the few managed IT service providers in the country with that status.

According to CEO Michael Russell, the deal complements a lot of the business that Origin IT is already engaged with.

The designation as an authorised reseller fits in with the company's business model, which includes procurement and mobile device management, along with a range of managed services.

“The development is keeping in response to our customer needs," says Russell. "Already a large percentage of our clients use Apple products, and this number is quickly increasing. Right now we are in the process of on boarding our newest customer, Image Centre, who of 180 employees; 30 percent use Macs."

Russell says the company expects this to "broaden the application of all our existing partnerships, as our clients and potential clients have a broader and more flexible product suite to choose from".

"Origin already provides some of New Zealand’s most well-known businesses like Les Mills, Charlies and Jucy Rentals with a single point of access into an entire IT department, and sitting in behind this is the procurement capabilities of the company, which now extends to Apple products," he adds.

Origin IT grew out of Origin Business Solutions in 2000. The company's vendor partners include Microsoft, HP, Marshal, Citrix, Symantec, Trend Micro, VMWare and Cisco, and was Kaseya's 2011 Australasian partner of the year.

“With this development we are focused on bringing our expertise and efficiency as a premium managed service provider to the Apple suite of products, ensuring a seamless integration into the Windows environment," says Matt Treacy, the company's service delivery manager. "We are also excited about the opportunity that Apple provides to create bespoke solutions for each of our client’s growing demands."

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