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SLI Systems anchor tenant of EPIC

SLI Systems anchor tenant of EPIC

Christchurch based SLI Systems is the anchor tenant in the city's new technology hub EPIC

Christchurch-based SLI Systems is the anchor tenant in the city’s new technology hub EPIC (Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus), the largest commercial building to open in the city's CBD.

The campus will act as a hub for both established and emerging technology companies.

According to SLI's CEO Shaun Ryan, there are significant benefits to being close to that many technology companies. “I think this is an exciting concept that will work particularly well for the technology sector in Christchurch.  The real benefits will be unexpected and could spark some real opportunities for the city and the region in general," he says.

“The ability to share experience and knowledge is invaluable.  Being closer together means random conversations can take flight in directions that would otherwise never happen.  More conversations more often means ideas and solutions can be swapped and developed," adds Ryan.

He adds that many small businesses will benefit from relocating to the new campus. “In the past the technology sector in Christchurch has been fragmented and spread around the City. A lot of the smaller companies have operated from smaller premises or from home offices.   I think the growth opportunities for these smaller companies coming into EPIC is very exciting.

“It is going to be great to be at the heart of the city.  If this collaborative spirit is a sign of things to come, and with EPIC stage 2 on the horizon – then we are in for an amazing ride here in Christchurch," he adds.

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