HP converged portfolio an 'opportunity' for resellers

Fragmented storage complexity is unsustainable, says the vendor

HP has combined its storage and networking solutions and created a new range of Converged Infrastructure to better service the needs of a market that, according to the company, can no longer cope with fragmented IT infrastructures, especially with the rise of virtualisation and mobility.

HP's new Converged Infrastructure portfolio is aimed at reselllers looking to help SMB customers simplify their IT infrastructure, while providing secure access to business applications and data via mobile devices.

According to Philip Martin, HP New Zealand storage business unit manager, this new portfolio is particularly relevant for the New Zealand market, where the economy is driven mainly by small to medium-sized businesses.

"This means higher ROI for resellers," says Martin, adding that the converged portfolio includes storage, information retention and analytics, and information protection tools. "It hits the sweet spot in New Zealand."

According to Martin, the new portfolio also represents an opportunity for HP resellers looking to become service providers "without the need for significant investment on their part". "Fragmented storage complexity is unsustainable. Resellers who are able to bring this value, being familiar with one architecture, have powerful tools to win every deal," he adds.

Martin says HP is "working closely" with channel partners in New Zealand to make them familiar with the new sales opportunities through HP's portfolio. "That is where HP's strength has been, historically, but we weren't where we wanted to be. We want to earn the respect of our resellers knowing we have the best IP and the best technology," he says.

Currently, 89 percent of HP's business in New Zealand goes through the vendor's channel network but Martin says the goal is to "grow that even further". The company is working on further certification for resellers and is also looking to bring more channel partners on board.

HP's worldwide SAN marketing manager Dale Degen visited New Zealand late last year to launch the converged portfolio and spoke to Reseller News about how the company is aiming to give its resellers "solutions for them to be the most powerful on the block".

"The world has changed a lot, with seamless delivery of IT services. Legacy storage can't meet the new demands. There has been an explosion in virtualisation and cloud. HP is in an interesting position with servers and storage. It's good for partners to bring all that together and we have got leadership in all these areas," says Degen.

HP's new Converged Storage solutions include new HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HP StoreAll Storage, and HP StoreOnce Backup products.

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HP is the new DELL


(minor troll warning)I think what is more "unsustainable" is the fact that HP has gone direct on way too many deal in the last few years?

Every throat cut for one little deal for a quarter's results will encourage the next few deals going to another vendor that has a better interpenetration of the word 'partnering". This move to a non HP solution definitely "means higher ROI for reseller"

Good luck with "working closely" with your partners. :)



It's great to see HP have identified that the previous 3PAR offering didn't fit smaller markets such as New Zealand. NETAPP & EMC have been dominating the mid-level FC storage market for far too long! If HP successfully launch the SS7000 via the channel, utilising the expertise of exeed and Ingram to enable partners, and provide adequate pricing support; the SS7000 will be a great success. Well done HP (seldom can I truthfully congratulate them on a good decision)

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