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ExaGrid starts new year touting accolades

ExaGrid starts new year touting accolades

Connector Systems takes hope in early interest in New Zealand

Disk-based backup appliance provider ExaGrid was one of the vendors Connector Systems added to its New Zealand portfolio stemming from its purchase of Australia distributor Techplus.

The move, which saw Connector Systems introducing the vendor to New Zealand last October, turned out to be well-timed, as ExaGrid finished 2012 with accolades from media in overseas markets.

The distributor has yet to sell a unit here, but there are hopes that early enthusiasm, good reviews overseas, and at least one reseller — Datacom — trialling the product, will help build traction in the New Zealand market, as the product goes head-to-head with EMC’s Data Domain.

“We’re just in that process of bringing on resellers, getting the proof of concepts done and the lead generation,” says Mark Dasent, general manager for networking and wireless at Connector. “The ExaGrid guys have had a good campaign going on to develop leads. We’ve been getting one a week to end users that want to try out the product.”

ExaGrid is an 11-year-old, US-based company that started the year touting its seventh consecutive year of sales growth. The company was awarded a ‘Value for Money’ product of the year award at Storage Magazine’s 2012 awards ceremony, and InfoWorld gave the ExaGrid EX Series high scores in a product review.

Dasent says ExaGrid has two claims to fame. Its disk-based backup architecture makes the solution scalable, as opposed to requiring customers to “rip and replace” with a new appliance once it has reached a certain data capacity.

He says data retrieval is also quicker.

The vendor’s product range is aimed at Tier 1 system integators and their larger business customers.

Connector Systems is forecasting “natural” growth for the rest of the year, and along with bolstering activity around ExaGrid, the distributor will probably look to strengthen its security and other portfolios, including the potential for adding resources for its Brocade and SonicWall lines.

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