Express Online to merge with Express Data

Paul Johnston to step down at end of March

Distributor Express Online announced that it will fully integrate its New Zealand business into Express Data, before the end of March.

The company, formally Simms International New Zealand, will transfer its sales office from its current Albany location to Express Data headquarters in Mount Wellington, according to a statement.

“We have been working through the integration of the business over the last few months and this is the next logical step for us to take," says Express Online country manager Paul Johnston. "So far we have

seamlessly transferred our logistics, finance, credit and other back office functions into Express

Data and all that remains is to transfer the physical location of the sales office."

Johnston established the New Zealand arm of Simms International in 2010, and last year presided over the integration of Simms with the Express Data Group.

“After establishing...Simms and having the privilege of working with such a talented and dedicated team, it was a difficult decision to resign," Johnston says in the statement. "However, I felt the time was right to look for new challenges.”

Johnston’s last day with the company will be March 29.

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As a reseller of theirs, I think they did a good job with Dell, most resellers I know think it was Dell that stuffed up the channel business. We bought a few Dell products through Simms, but mostly we buy the Motion Tablets. Dale does a great job with them. Agree Huawei is a problem, but that cant be laid at Simms feet, it is a political issue but I also have to agree about the trust issue.
I suppose Simms being bought out by a much bigger company would also qualify as some sort of success but I never liked the new name - Exol - it sounds like an oil company, they should have stayed as Simms or just changed to Express Data when they got bought - keeping it separate just caused confusion.
Just want to say thanks for the great service and I hope it continues through the team at Express Data. And good luck with the new challenges.



New challenges because the old one failed? the whole Dell distributorship thing worked realll well didn't it. And no one really trusts the Chinese network vendor they started to distribute....



I think it was a pretty big call to try and setup up another distributor in NZ so full credit to them. Any vendor especially the large global vendors can be very difficult to work with and I think they have done OK with the limited market that was open to them. The Dell partnership seemed to take off quite well but did fizzle as things became tough. I hate to see things like this as it means people are out of jobs which means families will struggle. But at the end of the day breaking into an already saturated market was always going to be tough. I think if you are going to make comments like above then you need to have the balls to actually put your name against it as anyone can hide behind the anonymous thing and say what they like - seems the comment above is someone who holds a grudge!

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